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Humanistic & Integrative
Psychotherapy/ Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Humanistic integrative psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling understands that we become who we are by relating to others.  For many people, these relationships have become in some way derailed.  Humanistic integrative counselling allows the resumption of this developmental relationship, now, in safe circumstances, between the client and therapist.

Humanistic integrative psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling integrates many theories and practices.  The Humanistic belief is that given the right conditions humans are naturally healthy.  Into this we incorporate the Psychoanalytic concerns with human development and the childhood patterns that still affect us.  These theories are held lightly within our practice of what is often referred to as Dialogical Psychotherapy, whose central emphasis is on the relationship between the therapist and client.

The focus of the sessions may be to work through immediate difficulties, or something more deep-seated in your life or your relationships with others.  The emphasis is on helping you find your own answers and you will be heard without judgement.



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