Kate Szerencses

Hello, I’m Kate.

I provide Rolfing® Structural Integration sessions at The Therapy Space, and I use this to help people find their bodies best potential for moving.

The objective of Rolfing is to integrate human structure and function in gravity. We achieve this by treating the body’s connective tissue in a way that brings the body as close to it’s natural form as possible. There is a pattern and plan to the work, with education on body use, and an overarching goal of finding balance and whole body ease.

People come to Rolfing for many reasons. You may suffer with chronic pain and turn to Rolfing as an alternative to surgery and/or traditional treatment methods. You may wish to rehabilitate from an injury or resolve problems from scar tissue. Perhaps you’d like to change your posture and to feel better. You may be an athlete, artist, musician, therapist, and use Rolfing to improve performance and extend your career. You may sense a need for change in your life and in your body. You may turn to Rolfing as a way to reconnect to your body - emotionally and physically - and ultimately achieve greater confidence, ease and joy. 

To arrange a session, I can be contacted on kate@onlyonebod.com or 07920 145832. 

To find out more information about me, my website is www.onlyonebod.com